Riccardo Mazza Interactive Sound

The Riccardo Mazza Interactive Sound, named after the italian artist and composer Riccardo Mazza, is one of the few production companies in the field of architectural sound and immersive audio. We focus on the entertainment sphere, and our aim is to propose a new way of sound experience and listening, by developing multimedia structures able to provide a complete and deeply emotional sound sensation...

Our characteristic is the attention we pay to the process that generates the operating area, and not to the area itself (for there are many possibilities of working in this field).
Our modular assembling procedure allows us
to generate different options already at the first stage of the process, and this at very low costs. This is due to the fact that we already possess a multimedia language ready to be used for any specific request.
The uniqueness of this language is guaranteed by the fact that
Riccardo Mazza personally developed all currently available tools, using his enourmous know-how in the field.

Our working process starts from the customer's request, and evolves rapidly simply thru the consultation of current technology and the immediate assembly of an operating solution.Once the project has been approved the operating phase can start, with the appropriate personnel training and, if required, the development of new tools. Either if you are a marketing, commercial or production company we may be your right partner!! Mail us at: