Image Helper
Imaging & video elements
The Image Helper Imaging & Video Elements is a sound effect library especially addressed to graphics and commercial video productions.
A very experimental way of producing such elements in surround thanks to its unique sound design that allows SoundBuilder to layer spatial sounds over swooshes, impacts, abstracts and motion sound effects. Ideal for commercial, titling, 3D images etc.

The Image Helper Imaging & Video Elements library has been produced using the most advanced synthesis techniques using even custom designed algorithm on DSP based programming workstation. A whole selection of musical textures in surround are provided. Every rhythm track has been produced at different BPMs in a way that any other element in the library will fit the tempo looping endless.

Jump some effects and spatialize them in sync with your movie and you'll get an amazing impacting soundtrack in surround. All sounds of this library are original and they have been synthesized and performed by the author. Use them freely and build your own fresh soundtracks.