Machinery & Industrial Textures
The Machinery & Industrial texture library has been created to generate a complete machinery environment style soundscape in surround.

Specially designed for SoundBuilder it provides a very special selection of machinery and industrial sounds.
Backgrounds have been recorded on location into fabric and industrial areas using the X.-Techniques [more] the special microphone techniques developed by Riccardo Mazza for capturing ambients in surround.

Special generated FFT backgrounds are also provided emulating simple air pressures. These synthetic tables have been created programming dedicated algorithm on DSP sound system.

A whole set of single Elements include gears, motors, tools and many other mechanical effects recorded in clean and focus position to deliver the best quality and dynamic range.

All editing and recordings have been made so to create an endless soundtrack while in SoundBuilder without any recognizable repetition.

You can use The Machinery & Industrial texture library to create virtually any situation that has engines or mechanical taste like science fiction gears, military and industrial scenes, ship's engines room and anything else your fantasy can generate…