Naturalistic Environments
Wide Landscape Builders
The Wide Landscape Builders library has been created to generate a complete background naturalistic texture in surround.

Specially designed for SoundBuilder it provides a very special selection of natural sourround recordings of wide natural spaces.

Recording has been performed using special microphone techniques developed by Riccardo Mazza called X-Techniques [more].
From South America pampas to European country, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Alps etc. are just few of the location where sounds have been captured with the best high definition surround recording.

Single Elements cover all aspects of narrows specific elements that can be part of a naturalistic environment texture like grounds, stones, foliage etc.

For this reason they have been accurately recorded in studio, noise free and with maximum possible quality.

All editing and recordings have been made so to create an endless soundtrack while in SoundBuilder without any recognizable repetition.