SoundBuilder™ 1.0
SoundBuilder™ is a powerful tool designed for building backgrounds, Foleys and soundscapes in surround. Mainly aimed to film, television and multi purpose video soundtrack productions, SB may also be used to create your own sound SFX library independently of the video sequence.

Besides, SoundBuilder uses a strong and complex algorithm structure so to guarantee a professional sound quality. Its interface is extremely simple and functional, requiring very little experience in order to achieve excellent results.

SoundBuilder allows you to create full dimensional “Soundscapes” letting you building and layering elements that either will move or simply will occupy a static position in the space over a main surrounding background environment.
You may work upside down in
any format required, from mono to 7.1 and switching among all those different formats in real time. Once satisfied you may then bounce your sound in the current output mode.

SoundBuider is best used with its own optimized sound libraries, but of course you may import your own sound files (most popular format and SR are supported).

The software may be launched as standalone application or in “Rewire” mode sync'ed with all those programs that support Rewire technology.

SoundBuilder has been thought for professional needs and for this reason sound quality is a mandatory issue. Spatialization is obtained trough complex processes that are the results of many years of research in the acoustic and psycho-acoustic field developed by Riccardo Mazza.